Why You Need a Fast and Reliable Sprinkler Repair Service in Orlando

Growing and maintaining a beautiful lawn in Orlando, Florida requires a well-tuned irrigation or sprinkler system. Without one, you will spend hours each week dragging a hose around the yard. If you have a sprinkler system, but it is old or in need of repair, you will waste water and money, and still have a dried up or patchy yard. To maintain a pretty green lawn, you need a good sprinkler system, in working order, and a top-notch maintenance company to call when trouble hits. https://topsintexas.com/

What can go Wrong with Your Sprinkler System

Irrigation systems are notoriously finicky and difficult to manage. From homeowner lawns to giant commercial irrigation systems, any number of things can happen that will derail the operation and necessitate sprinkler repair.

Potential Problems

o Popup spray heads cease to pop up
o Rotary spray heads cease to rotate
o Nozzles and small tubing clogs with dirt or other debris
o Spray heads are run over with the lawnmower or kicked
o A power failure re-sets the system incorrectly
o A contractor cuts through a pipe
o Spray heads spring leaks
o Tubing becomes kinked
o Valves leak
o Filter screens become clogged

Why You need a Sprinkler Repair Person on Speed Dial

Some of the above problems are not dire emergencies. Others are. If a contractor installing a cable line, driveway or something else cuts through a major pipeline, the only way to keep from having Lake Okeechobee in your yard is to turn off the water source to the irrigation system and call a repair person. If a filter becomes clogged, with enough water pressure and time, a small pipe can burst. You may not realize that until you have a very soft spot in the yard, and your water bill has increased exponentially for no apparent reason.

Other, non-emergency repair issues include issues with spray heads, kinks in pipes, and leaky valves. While these tend to do more damage to the wallet than to the grass, they are costly system failures.

On the fence between emergency and non-emergency is a power outage and a in incorrect system re-set. If you are away on extended travel, this can be a disaster. Either your lawn will be watered too much-allowing fungal and other disease problems to creep in, or more likely, your lawn will not be watered at all, and you will return home to a costly yard renovation project. If you are home and the system re-sets itself, you can just call a sprinkler repair contractor to fix the problem.


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