2012 Nebraska Football Predictions: Are the Cornhuskers Overlooked?

A year ago the Nebraska Cornhuskers were all the rage as they moved to the Big Ten for their first year. How things have changed. In under one-year, the Cornhuskers are flying under the radar and are neglected and maybe even affronted as the 2012 season is going to start.

The Michigan Wolverines are being named a “lock” to win the Big Ten, Urban Meyer is hoping to take Ohio Stateแทงบอลอย่างฉลาด back to the head of the school football world, and the terrible scene in Penn State keeps on ruling features. Shouldn’t something be said about the Cornhuskers?

One reason that the Cornhuskers are being affronted is because of the inauspicious presentation a year prior. Nebraska was anticipated to win the Big ten, yet they flopped wretchedly and endured some terrible gathering misfortunes, most prominently to Northwestern in Lincoln.

Be that as it may, the oddsmakers are not affronting Nebraska, as online sportsbook Just Bet has named the Cornhuskers at 3-to-1 to win the Big Ten title, just behind Michigan (2-to-1) and the most loved Wisconsin (1-to-1). With regards to Legends Divisional Odds, Nebraska is recorded at (1.6-to-1) to guarantee the division, while Michigan (1.2-to-1) is the top pick. At long last the Cornhuskers are a stunning (33-to-1) to bring home the 2013 BCS National Championship.

Offense: Junior Taylor Martinez will get a considerable amount of analysis, however he is a pioneer on and off the field and his numbers isn’t unreasonably awful. A year prior he hit 56 percent of his goes for 2,089 yards and 13 scores and ran for another 874 yards and nine additional scores. His turnovers need to improve however he can lead this group and will find support from a gifted back field.

Senior Rex Burkhead can convey the stone as running back and will have a noteworthy year. Burkhead is additionally a capable collector who in 2011 made 21 gets for 177 yards and two scores. Burkhead will require some assistance from a portion of the more youthful backs to convey the heap if Nebraska will succeed.

The Nebraska plan has a few obstacles, similar to games out and about against Ohio State and Michigan State, however they will have Michigan and that could be for the division title. Albeit an intense beginning against Southern Miss and UCLA, could prompt a drowsy beginning.

Barrier: The Cornhuskers need to enhance resistance and it enables that they to return three seniors on the bleeding edge, Eric Martin and Cameron Meredith at the finishes and Baker Steinkuhler at tackle. This group consistently figures out how to contend on edge side of the ball and in the event that they can improve at hurrying the passer, they could have a gigantic season.

Wagering Trend to Watch: The Cornhuskers are 6-1 against the spread (ATS) out and about with rest. At the point when Nebraska goes to play Northwestern they will be very much refreshed and searching for retribution. This could be a decent spot to play on Big Red.

Nebraska Prediction: The Cornhuskers are flying under the radar and getting no regard headed into this season. That could precisely be what this group needs. The lower desires and a capable group could be the ideal mix that will permit the Cornhuskers to play in the Big Ten Championship. It’s sufficient for me to wager on the Cornhuskers at 3-to-1 to win the Big Ten title.

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