Review of a Green Cleaning Laundry Product

If you are like me and a large percentage of the population, you are plagued by dry itchy skin especially in the winter. I have researched several reasons for this condition, and I’m convinced that a large part of this problem is the laundry detergent that I use. I have used several of the fragrance free and allergy free products and noticed some improvement, but I still felt that there must be a better product that would alleviate the itch. Searching the web for other alternatives, I found this natural cleaning product and I feel that it lives up to its promises. Read more about laundromats near me


o I try to do my part to protect the environment by using green cleaners whenever possible. This product is hypoallergenic, safe for all laundry machines, and effectively treats grease, dirt, and organic and chemical stains.
o This product replaces the use of both laundry detergent and fabric softener, saving a great deal of money over a year’s time,
o The product will last approximately 3 years, based on washing 1 load of laundry (9 pound) per day. If your equipment washes larger loads then the use of 2 of this product is recommended.
o The product is antibacterial, eliminating pathogen germs on clothing washed with it.
o Product is easy to use, just place in washer and turn it on. It works at any wash temperature.
o Product is perfect for students saving them money when doing laundry away from home.
o Product does not contain phosphates, therefore no damage to the environment.
o You will never find yourself needing to laundry, only to discover you forgot to purchase detergent when shopping.


o This product needs to be placed in sunlight once a month to recharge the ceramic ions that make it effective.
o The initial cost, though reasonable may cause some initial hesitancy on purchasing the product.


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