Hurricane Proof Computer

Part I: Backing Up Data And Things to Have 


Tropical storm season or not, you ought to consistently be backing up your information. Regardless of whether you plan on braving the tempest (an impractical notion) or clearing to another area, you ought to have a reinforcement of your PC information either on an outside hard drive or optical media, for example, CD-Rs or a DVD. Make certain to keep your information in an exceptionally sheltered spot, for example, a คอมที่ดีที่สุดwater verification safe. Never leave your reinforcement by your PC.


Next, you ought to have the accompanying things to make life after the tempest simpler: 


  1. Telephone numbers for protection, PC or PC parts organizations, and telephone numbers for all neighborhood ISPs (counting dial-up and satellite).


Having your protection telephone number and telephone numbers for your PC organization will help get your PC supplanted quicker on the off chance that it is harmed. I can’t pressure enough how significant it is for you to have telephone numbers and even access circles for the entirety of your neighborhood ISPs! After Katrina, the Internet was the main way numerous individuals could contact the rest of the world. As destiny would have it, my broadband was down for 3 weeks and none of the other broadband ISPs would aside from new requests because of the tempest, leaving me with my old companion Dial Up, whom I thought I had covered 8 years back. Your smartest choice is to utilize a satellite ISP as they have no gear that can be obliterated by a storm and cause a blackout.


  1. Back ups of all your record, have all application and game circles, CD keys, drivers, and working framework plates close by.


  1. Photographs of your PC just as evidence of what parts are inside. 


In the occasion your quad SLI rig is demolished, you don’t need your insurance agency to supplant it with something of a fundamentally lesser worth, isn’t that right? It’s exceptionally simple for individuals to guarantee “I had this, this, and this and everything cost me $3000 a month ago.” after their long term old Athlon XP rig is pulverized. Thus, your insurance agency might be reluctant to supplant your costly PC parts except if you can demonstrate you own them. Additionally know how much your protection (counting flood protection) will supplant harmed property. While a few arrangements will take care of the substitution expense of harmed property, some may just cover part of the harm cost. Additionally comprehend what your deductible is.

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