Credit Card Forgiveness – Is it Really the Solution?

Credit Card Forgiveness is not a free ride. Yes, you can negotiate a settlement with the credit card companies and we will show you how, but there will still be a price to pay. There is the 1099-C you will be issued if the debt discharged is more than $600. You will be required to pay tax on the forgiven debt as the IRS will deem it to be income received. I think though, the more important consideration is the emotional toil credit card forgiveness brings. You will be speaking to India. No doubt about it. Still this elimination of credit card debt is one of the most important decisions you will make. Liquid with THC

Consider all the credit card debt you have accumulated and think about how good it will feel once you have the debt monkey off your back. This is the feeling you should concentrate on, but still more important is the promise you need to make to yourself. Vow to quit the debt cycle. Stop spending.

Debt is a funny thing. Sociologists and therapists have standing room only offices lined with overspenders. The psychology of overspending and debt accumulation is beyond my scope of understanding, but I do know how to bail you out of the debt mess you have created. I am expert at negotiation and I know the pain people feel because of their choice to take on debt. It is real and very painful.

I help people with credit card debt because I believe this slavery is ripping at the fundamental fabric of our society. The family structure is the basis for everything else and without a cohesive and unified home life, nothing else in life will come easy. Think about it-education, employment, relationships, parenting. Everything we attempt to add to our lives will first be represented by the home life-by that relationship we had as kids. Was it safe? Was there stress and could we afford food? Did dad drink? Did mom spend her life working instead of with us?

I also know that life’s choices are not always easy. I understand the socioeconomics affecting many families, but why add to the difficulties with credit card debt? Why carry that burden and spend your life working to make interest payments? Wouldn’t you be better off by negotiating a settlement and then making a vow to live your life within your budget?

There will always be an argument that credit card debt is necessary to live. As a young man, building my construction company, I used to float payroll with an American Express card. I felt it was necessary, but I also knew I would be required to pay my debt in full within thirty days.

Is this any different that buying groceries or making sure the kids have shoes for school? I would say only this-that any credit card debt not paid in the next billing cycle should be avoided. Otherwise, you will be paying for those shoes for a long time. And one day, when those shoes wear out, you may notice that you’re still paying for them, but now the cost of those shoes are triple or in some instances ten times what you originally paid.


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