An Easy Way to Eliminate Almost All of Your Junk Email

I have been on the Net for a very long time and these days even with all the SPAM filters either I still get the junk or some emails that I may be expecting get filtered and put into the junk folder. I have not decided to get an email just for personal contacts. I originally thought about getting a free Yahoo email address but after trying it out for several months I noticed a lot more junk being added to the junk I was already getting. Because of this I now have a private email address on one of the websites I created. ymail

Now there are some benefits to getting junk mail that I want to go over in some detail. I used to collect all the junk email because I figured if the subject line was good enough to get my attention then chance are it would do the same for other people. I also look at the bodies of the message looking for good ad copy. There are hundreds of books and courses out there teaching you about copywriting but how do you know what actually works?

Some junk emails are put together pretty good and they can teach you a lot about copywriting. Some are blatant junk though especially the ones advertising things like Viagra, organ enlargement, or even penny stock picks. I use Outlook Express to receive emails and I have a lot of filters in place, rules. But when the text is embedded into an html email for some reasons the rules I have set up have just decided to ignore these messages and let them fill up my Inbox.


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